Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

So, it's been a while since my last post and it's New Year's Eve.  Maybe a weird time to write but I needed to post something and I'm sitting on my couch listening to early 1990's dance time like the present.

Personally, I've had an eventful year.  Went on a vacation to Florida, was promoted to Vice President at work, bought a new house and continue to sing in my quirky duo.  I'm still alive....that should have been the lead.
Cohen's Book 
Working backwards, I just got Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative for Christmas.  I actually like it.  I was worried I couldn't read more than a line of text, so the fact I've read more than 60 page in his book makes me think I still have a necessary life skill.  The book is cute.  I'm almost 43 and close to his age, so this very fluffy memoir of his broadcasting career is striking a note with me.  While I didn't end up in television, all of my interests and career drive almost landed me in the same path as his.  If I'd taken an internship with Sally Jesse in 1992, my life may resemble his.  I've not finished the book yet, but if you love pop culture and you're in your 40's, it's a cute read.

A couple of months ago, I saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning (or 60 minutes) about a singer/songwriter named Rodriguez.  Won't go into too much, but long story short it was about a man now in his 70's who was like the Bob Dylan of South Africa (even though he was/is American).  His music came out in the 1970's and became HUGE in South Africa and he NEVER knew it.  At one point the rumor was he was dead.  He's not.  A documentarian found him living in near poverty in Detroit and now there's a documentary about him.  I didn't do the story justice, but I bought his famous CD and it's WONDERFUL.  It's an amazing story and his music is great.  He's really like Dylan but you can understand his lyrics.
Great Music Story of 2012

Iphones....okay, this is embarrassing, but over Thanksgiving I bought my first smartphone.  Until then I was using a fancy flip phone.  Seriously, I loved my flip phone and took pride in annoying people with my old technology.  Like everyone knows, iphones are amazing.

I had the honor of seeing Oprah and David Letterman in person in Muncie, Indiana.  Dave is a Ball State Alum and hosts a series each year wherein he lures a famous person to Muncie to be interviewed in the university theatre.  He's interviewed Ted Koppel and Rachel Maddow....this year is was Oprah exchange for her in person interview in Muncie, he appeared on her show.  So, Dave interviewed was amazing.  He was so lovely and personable, but Oprah was larger than life.  Gail was even in the crowd.  Oprah answered all questions about her childhood and Dave was amazed with her candor.  In fact, the live interview went long.  The weird university president came on stage twice to try to rush them....who rushes Oprah and Dave?  What a surreal afternoon with two iconic media giants.

Oprah at Ball State University....awesome
I can't remember the rest of the year.  Being the holidays, we see recaps of the year constantly.  We see all of the famous people who died....I hold onto Whitney Huston, Etta James and Dave Brubeck.  Whitney is especially upsetting for so many reasons.....really, Whitney? Also this year we saw a presidential election, a devastating hurricane along the eastern seaboard and recaps of deadly shootings.  The shootings are especially puzzling...our country has so much to be proud of, but these shootings at a movie theatre and elementary school should shake all of us.  I wish I didn't have to include such news in an annual recap....didn't even mention the war in Afghanistan.

So, to close...Gangnam Style.

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