Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ann Curry, what a shame

It’s been more than a month that we learned Ann Curry was losing her job with the TODAY Show.  It’s taken me this long to watch her speech on her last day.  As usual, I don’t document things well or check my dates, but my recollection was that her leaving was leaked.  We learned she was being let go from the Today show and then the next week, she announced her last day.

I had heard she’d given an emotional goodbye.  I just watched it and was so annoyed with Matt Lauer’s arm around her.  Al and Natalie looked like corporates in an army knowing it was wrong, but their ranks didn’t allow for their opinions.

Morning news shows are weird.  They cover the news and other light fluff, but they become a part of our morning routine like brushing our teeth and eating cereal.  We choose our morning TV for very personal reasons and stick with it.  I’ve been watching TODAY for years.  The last time I was disgusted was when Bryant Gumble forced out Jane Pauley and was mean about Willard.  When this happens, it’s like they are taking pot shots at family members.

Anyway, after Katie decided to leave, the talk was all about who would replace her.  I never thought Ann was in the running and though Natalie Morales was the obvious contender.  Nope.  They chose Meredith.  While she seems nice, I was shocked they picked her…she seemed over-exposed and not fresh.  Her chemistry with the group was questionable, but she made it work.  Then she announced she was leaving and Ann Curry would replace her.

Guthrie and Matt
Now, some folks don’t like Ann.  She’s emotional, awkward and real.  She’s also a gifted and brave journalist.  I was happy for her.  I started to like it when she literally touched people….I liked it when she would make a mistake or spend too much time with someone in the crowd.  I liked that she erased the magic of produced television at times.  While Matt would be sent to gorgeous parts of the world and flirt with young journalists or chefs, Ann would go to war-riddled countries and put her life in danger.  That’s what is special about Ann.  She can be over-emotional about a small story but risk everything for the news.

I think Matt didn’t like her.  I think Matt just signed a big contract in the winter and part of the deal was getting rid of Ann.  I think the story leaked and it didn’t play out the way corporate was hoping.  I also think Savanah is the new Deborah Norville.

So, what can I do?  I can watch another show and I have.  I now watch CBS in the mornings with Gail King and Charlie Rose.  They are good.  I also realized that I like 60 minutes and CBS Sunday Morning and the daily morning program is much the same.  It’s much better than TODAY.  Who knew?

Rose and King
I hope Ann is fine.  I would have left NBC had I been her, but I hope she still is making lots of money.  She’s a good lady and a great news correspondent.  I don’t know if others have jumped ship, but sometimes you have to separate from your family if it’s not healthy anymore.

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