Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oscar Picks

Over the years I’ve either attended or hosted parties.  Not this year, just didn’t work out with busy schedules (and I don’t even have kids).  So, almost always there is a pool.  I guess you could call it gambling, I call it a party cover and the person with the most correct predictions wins.  I think I’ve only won once.  Why?  Several reasons, but at the end of the day, I usually pick who I want to win.  Some come to the party prepared – they’ve either seen all of the films or have done Internet research.  Cheaters.  The best year ever was when Silence of the Lambs swept…I called it, but I was young and no money was at stake…just my pride.

There have been years when there are winners and I’m furious. I was happy when The Color Purple didn’t win.  I was upset when Schindler’s List did win.  I was happy when Chariot’s of Fire won and Ben Kingsley won for Ghandi.  I’m sad Glenn Close has never won an Oscar, but thrilled whenever Meryl Streep has won.  AND, I thought David Letterman was fine as host…what do I know?

So, predictions from me…and as always, I’ve not seen everything, so it’s a HUGE guessing game.

Best Picture – The Artist.  Didn’t see it, but it looks good.  I did see The Descendants, Moneyball and Midnight in Paris.  Liked them all, but none should win.  The other films (and I hate the new system of too many pics in the category) look terrible (for me). 

Best Actress  -- Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).  While she’s up against Meryl and Glenn, I really think this girl deserves it.  Didn’t see The Help and don’t want to see it, so it’s not on my list for anything. 

Best Actor – Gary Oldman for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – didn’t see it but I think he’s good.  The French guy from the artist is probably great as is the other foreign guy, but I pick Gary (English).

Supporting Actors – Christopher Plummer for The Beginners and Melissa McCarty for Bridesmaids.  Saw both films and think they should win.  Breakout roles for both.  Yes, Christopher has been around for decades, but only recently has been in some good flicks (and not on the stage).  Melissa was BRILLIANT.  I mean perfect and weird and amazing.

Directing – while I LOVE Woody Allen, the director of The Artist should win, so he’s my pick – Michael something.

I really can’t pick anything else…too much guessing, however, I’d love Kristen Wigg and her friend Annie to win for Bridesmaids.  I know the film is NOT fine art, but it’s an important film for women and the industry and I actually laughed watching the movie…not just the trailers.

I hope Billy Crystal is good.  A weird year with the whole host thing.  I’ve already forgotten who was supposed to host.  That’s right, Eddie Murphy was supposed to host…whatever, we’re kickin it old school with Crystal and I’m sure he’ll rise to the occasion.

I hope it’s a good night.  My real hope is that film becomes more enticing than television…right now, I think the boob tube is producing the best work.  And then there’s the red carpet…

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