Sunday, November 27, 2011

Louis CK

I am not a Wikipedia junky.  In fact, I typically only reference Wikipedia when I need a link to something in a blog entry.  Before I started to write about the show Louis, I thought I’d take a look at the entry about Louis C.K.

I won’t recap what I read, but I found his heritage somewhat interesting as he’s still a citizen of Mexico…wouldn’t have called that tidbit.  The rest is pretty normal for a comedian…lots of writing for late night shows and other projects.  I did grimace when I read he’s a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom show.  Bob and Tom broadcast from Indianapolis where I live and have a HUGE following.  While some of their team can be funny, I find them offensive and old fashioned.  Furthermore, when a new acquaintance of mine references Bob and Tom, I turn my nose up and judge them rather quickly.  They are two old silly guys who giggle throughout the show and are pretty racist.  When they have an African American comedian on and try to talk “jive talk” to him.  Seriously, I just used jive talk, but it fits these guys.  I digress.

Bob and Tom w Christy and Chick
As mentioned in a prior entry, I discovered Louis the first time on Parks and Recreation and then later as a guest on The Daily Show.  For some reason, TiVo started to tape his 30 minutes comedy show on FX and I became hooked.  Aside from it being such an interesting, uncomfortable funny show, the credits show he writes, directs and EDITS the program.  After discovering this, it made me appreciate him even more as the show is not as simple as it looks.  The sets look real and his shooting style is cinematic.  On top of the great character and writing, the music is lovely and quickly reminded me of Woody Allen’s films.  I think there must be an influence as the credits are simple white words on black.  His artistry is why I wanted to read about him on Wiki as I thought maybe he had film school experience/education.

Knowing how much creative control he has makes him so much more appealing and talented.  In a world with computers and video at everyone’s fingertips, you can think that creating television or film is easy.  What we seem to forget is that these mediums were once a craft to be studied.  Knowing how to direct, edit and integrate music makes the difference between a YouTube video and art.  The look of this show transcends a sitcom set in a studio and leads the viewer experience a film short or funny documentary.

Louis is set in New York and is about a professional comedian who is divorced and sharing custody of two girls with his ex-wife.  The show blends segments of Louis doing stand-up with his daily life.  Louis’ character holds a multitude of traits….naiveté, darkness, neediness, sex-obsessed, tenderness, tenseness and carefree.  Louis often finds himself in awkward situations and tends to follow his more primal curiosity.  There are times of braveness or tenderness, but he frequently will just make bad decisions.

The episodes have included a female admirer who leads him to her suburb home and wants a three-some with her husband to standing in an airport watching the woman he’s in love with leave for France to be with her baby-daddy’s father.

Pamela Adlon
The first episode I watched had him walking his two little girls around a NYC neighborhood trick or treating and they get mugged.  I think the woman  (Pamela Adlon) who is the subject of his affections is with him in real life as I saw her sitting next to him at the Emmy’s.

The show is artsy, crude, endearing and unique.  Aside from his Bob and Tom appearances, I think Louis C.K. is special and I hope you will either catch his show or pay closer attention when you see him as a guest.

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