Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Thank you for finding my blog!  I will be honest, this is all new to me, but that’s typical when it comes to the modern world of communication.  I recently purchased a new flip phone – that’s right, I like them – that has a full keyboard for texting.  You can imagine my pain in responding to texts before this purchase.  I digress.  This blog will contain reviews from my attendance at concerts, lectures and book readings.  I also hope to reflect on other entertainment topics, with the occasional thoughts on politics, other cultures and art.

While I don’t want to convince readers that I’m an authority on popular culture, I will say my past and present endeavors have given me enough experience to be “dangerous.”  In other words, I kind of know what I’m talking about.

In high school I was a thespian.  In college I studied television production and writing.  It was during my time as a university student that I realized criticism was an actual thing.  I really enjoyed all of my comparative literature courses, focusing on film theory and criticism.  I always wished I could earn a wage from watching and then thinking about movies – but I was scared to go down that path.  Instead, when I graduated from college, I looked for jobs that could get me close to the topics I loved, but would also pay me and give me health insurance.

I won’t bore you with details of my work to date, but here’s a big run on of professional experience…..public television, state fair marketing & promotions, NBA arena work, performing arts and currently transportation – with this last one, insert sound of needle scratching on a record.  It’s my current job in public transportation that enables me to discuss politics and government funding as well as people management.

In addition to my work experience, I also perform on the side….sing, that is.  I’m in a duo that does cover tunes from Sedaka to Prince and Michael Jackson to Van Morrison.  Am I good?  I’m funny and entertaining and when you’re out on a Friday night having a few drinks after work, I’m what the Dr. has ordered.

I live in Indianapolis, so many of my posts will reference my hometown.  I hope you enjoy my perspective.  If I had started this 10 years ago, I’m sure my reviews would be a little snarky, but I’m not.  I’ll be pretty positive and fair as I usually know what I’m getting into before I even go somewhere, see something or visit. 

I recently started blog reviews as the Occasional Reader for the Reader For Life blog.  You’ll often see some of my postings housed on that site as well.  If you’re all about books, then you should follow Reader for Life for the regular reviews of books, readings and book store visits.  Enjoy.

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